What Kind Of Men Are Rapists?

I have always wondered about the psychology of rapists. How do they force themselves on another person for whatever pleasure they are seeking? They grab a lady, young or old and even babies, against their will and sexually violate them.

They inflict injuries on their victims and leave them devastated in a way some find difficult to recover from the experience. They take advantage of people who trust and respect them and carry on as if they have not done anything wrong.

Some are even boastful about what they should be ashamed of like a man in a viral video online boldly telling his friend how he raped a young lady in his shop and said he cannot be arrested.

He must really be sure of himself as he didn’t mind being recorded while speaking to his faceless friends who are also accomplices in a way as they laughed over the crime he committed.

What kind of men are rapists? How deprived can someone be that he has no feelings for the victim who is scared stiff and trembling as she is about to be subjected to a traumatic experience?

No shouting, cries, pleadings, kicking and whatever protests can stop them.

Some are not satisfied with committing rape, which is already a heinous crime, they kill their victims to cover up. Dead women can’t talk, but rapists forget that their families, friends and the general public will be too outraged to keep quiet and somehow they will be found out.

Some think their victims will be too traumatised to speak on what happened for fear of shame and stigmatisation, but that used to be the case. Not again. Even those who never spoke in the past will one day speak up like Busola Dakolo

Some threaten their victims claiming they will kill them if they talk about it to anyone. Such secrets have a way of being found out even when the victims don’t want to speak about it. The trauma is there to see all over the victims, even without speaking and it’s a matter of time that they will succumb to pressure to speak and unmask the  rapists.

Some offer money to their victims as if money can pay for the everlasting pain they have inflicted.

Some rapists blame their unpardonable acts on how some women supposedly wear revealing dresses, but how do they justify the raping of those who are not. Children, toddlers, women in Hijab, and those attacked in their homes.

What has wearing revealing clothes got to do with manifesting the beast in the rapists? What is revealing anyway? Why didn’t others who saw the women react like the rapists?

How does a teenager rape a 70 year plus woman? How? What could have come over him that the sheer thought of it should have left him paralysed? What kind of influence can the boy be under that he didn’t realise the abomination he was committing?

How does a Pastor, Iman or whatever religious faith they profess sleep with their members or people who come to seek whatever succour from them? How? What kind of God do they serve that tolerates that kind of inhumanity to man?

How do they preach holiness, faithfulness and all other virtues when they are waist-deep in evil?

How do old men, rape children, some far younger than theirs or their age mates and sleep without being haunted in their dreams? How?

How do they abuse other people’s children and wish theirs well? How?

How do some lecturers rape their students and lay claim to being sane intellectuals.

What kind of men are rapists?

No psychological explanation is enough to justify what they do. They are better not born.


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