‘Why Nigerians, Africans Are Migrating’

A group, Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF) has said that young Africans, especially Nigerians, were leaving the continent for greener pastures in Europe, Canada, Asia and America to escape bad governance in their countries.

The group blamed increased illegal migration on incompetent leadership in the continent, saying that African leaders think only about the next elections and not the next generation.

The group’s Chairman, Moses Siasia, stated this during a meeting with the Financial Times of London.

In a statement on Monday in Abuja, Siasia explained that interest in nation building had declined, leading to irregular migration among young Africans which has led to massive brain drain in the continent, especially in Nigeria.

He decried the growing interest in illegal migration which is taking away young talents needed to develop the continent.

According to him, irregular migration has become a phenomenal problem in Africa and has caused young Africans a lot and even their lives in a bid to escape bad governance at their respective countries.

He called on Financial Times to support the group’s effort at encouraging human capital development and competent leadership in Africa.

This, he explained, was a critical condition and impetus for sustainable development which will stem the tide of illegal migration across Africa.

“If we neglect or ignore Nigeria, it is as well that you are ignoring or neglecting the rest of Africa, the reason being that Nigeria as a first mover stands in the middle of Africa’s development needs given Nigeria’s contribution to Africa’s young population,” he said in the statement.



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