Teach Your Daughters

Teach Your Daughters That Boldness Is Not Brashness; They Never Have To Feel Guilty For Being Pioneers. Teach Your Daughters They Can Be Vivacious And Virtuous, They Never Have To Shrink Back To Fit A Lopsided Mould. Teach Your Daughters That Beauty And Brains Are Not Mutually Exclusive; She Can Be A Dainty Debutante And An Ingenious Inventor At The Same Time. Teach Your Daughters That They Had A Purpose Long Before They Had A Partner, Let Her Live Life Abundantly And Love Genuinely. Teach Your Daughters That Survival Skills Are Human Skills; They Must Never Apologize For Learning How To Defend Themselves. Teach Your Daughters That She Is A Princess With Two Complete Glass Slippers, And Can Find Spare Slippers In Her GOD-given Dreams, She Doesn’t Need A Prince To ‘Rescue’ Her Before Midnight. Teach Your Daughters That ‘Good Girls’ Don’t Get ‘Bad Guys’; Remaining In Abuse Is Not A Proof Of Loyalty, And Silence Isn’t Golden When They Need To Cry Out For Help. Teach Your Daughters That She Is A Warrior Armed With Strength, With An Inner Resilience That Can Bounce Back From Any Fall. Teach Your Daughters About Purity And Power, About Justice And Mercy, About Shame And Forgiveness, About Love And Betrayal, About Despair And Hope; So She Is A Balanced Polished Pillar. Teach Your Daughters That They Are Beautiful In Their Uniqueness, And With Changing Trends, Friends Or Fiends, There’ll Never Be One Standard Of Beauty. Above All, Teach Them That God Loves Them Deeply And The World Can’t Wait For Them To Rise And Take Their Place….


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