Silent Trauma Our Kids Go Through

Our sons die in silence. Go closer when their attitudes change… Shocking revelation Last year, one of my friends was out of the country and I had to visit his children. At a glance, I saw how paled his son looked. He looked starved and white, but he was not sick. He was under the care of his uncle. I told my friend that his son was sick and needed medical attention, but he said the 16 years old boy had not complained of anything. To satisfy my curiosity, he accepted I take the child to the hospital. I took the child to a very good doctor, who immediately confirmed the child was VERY sick. He further carried out physical diagnosis, which revealed that the child had some deep swellings on the bones of his artery, under his left breast. The swellings were about six in number, and when the doctor touched the affected spots, the boy cried in pains, and that was how he himself started feeling pains.

According to the young boy, all through he thought it was gastritis, since it is under his breast close to his chest. I asked the doctor what needed to be done and he said the child was going through emotional torture, that he was afraid to speak out, and so the emotions have piled up and was forming what we were seeing, eating him from inside. The boy had just lost his mother three years ago. My first thought was that he was still under the shock, trauma and pains of the loss of his mum, but as I tried to comfort him, I discovered his emotional trauma was not related to the loss of him mother. I folded him in my arms and assured him he was safe with me and that he could confide in me. I saw a sense of relief as he said “ok” but quickly said what he was about to tell you, my father should not know because it will only create more troubles for me”. I sat him down, and he explained that he was going through emotional, physical and psychological torture from his guardian, taking care of him and his siblings. The young boy said he was afraid to speak out for fear that if he told his father, his father will be mad at the guardian, and the guardian would torment him even further, and even kill him.

He revealed a lot to me, which I explained to the doctor, who prescribed just some few drugs, not costing up to 5000F CFA. I took photos of him and sent to his father, I entered into the picture, counseling and showing him Love. I gave him the possibility to cry when he felt hurt, laughed when he felt happy and that therapy brought the young boy back to good health and he started gaining weight. After three weeks he had changed. He regained his natural melanin, and became the happy young boy he used to be, and has put on weight considerably.

Just last week, a follower of this platform was telling me about her 17 years old son, who had become bitter and silent. She complained so much that I decided to visit her yesterday Tuesday February 26, 2019. The young boy Prince looked exactly like my above mentioned friend’s son, but he was staying with his parents who practically gave him everything and was not torturing him. I asked him to take off his clothes, and below the left artery, I saw those trauma provoked swellings on the same spot like the first boy, and knew the young Prince was under some silent torment, torturing his young heart and was afraid to speak out. I took him into his room, closed the door behind us, and tried to fold him in my arms in assurance. But he dodged my embrace and was panicking as he dashed to the door. I told Prince not to be afraid of me, but to trust me and open up. He asked “Aunty, promise me that you won’t ask me to have sex with me”. I was taken aback in shock and almost raised my voice at him, before remembering why I was with him in his room. I assured him that such a thing will never happen.

He opened up to me how his mother’s 41 years old friend has been sexually molesting him for the past six months. Aunty Mary is more than sister to Prince’s mother. His parents sent him and his siblings to Aunty Mary one weekend, and that was how his nightmare started. She would have him suck her breasts and vagina, while she in turn will do him a blow job. The young boy told me he would sex her until his premature penis swells and hurts badly. She threatened him to silence, and since she caught the boy in a group of some bad school guys, she used it to threaten him that if he tells, she too will tell and no one would believe him, since he used to be a heady boy. When Aunty Mary goes to visit them he won’t greet her because of the disgusting feelings and memory he has for her, but his mum especially will force him to greet her with slaps and insult. Aunty Mary will sit in her house and ask Prince’s mother to send the boy over and when the boy goes there, she will sexually molest him again and again and that has been happening for six months and the young boy has been dying in silence with no one to talk to.

That story shocked me to the marrow and I couldn’t help but cry along with the boy as he cried. When he finished, I gathered myself, wiped his eyes and assured him I was nothing like Aunty Mary. I called the mother inside to join us, and told her everything. The emergency was to get the boy medical attention which we did yesterday and some clinical tests carried out.

Aunty Mary just got arrested this 5 pm and God help her, because she will be served what she deserves. Prince is under medication and I am talking him to calm, though he is afraid of women, including his 8 years old sister.

Dear parents, let this story open our eyes so that we become more friendly and open to our children, in such a way that we can quickly diagnose what is wrong when their attitudes change and the reason for the change. Some guardians and so called friends and relatives are monsters. Our children are our blood and should by right be our first friend.



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