D&Ksuomi Foundation Commits To Empowering African Women/Girls; Awards Humanitarian Services

The Founder and CEO of D & Ksuomi Foundation, Mrs. Deborah Funmi Mupapa has reiterated that the only way to provide practical and sustainable solutions to the multifaceted problems confronting African women is to break the culture of silence and give them increased opportunities for growth and self-actualization.

This she stressed at the just concluded 4th International Women’s Conference of the Foundation, which held recently at the Shell Hall, Muson Centre, Lagos.

Speaking at the event, Mupapa explained that the objective of the Conference is to promote Women/Girls as Agents of Change and Transformation, by concentrating on the change and growth of every woman and to pass on information that allows women to integrate their experiences and knowledge, enabling them to have the hope, courage and tools needed to develop and move forward in a positive way.

“The focus of the conference is to provide practical and sustainable solutions to the transformation of Women; Social, Political and Economic. It is about Breaking The Silence, concentrating on the change and growth of every woman, which is made possible as we educate and encourage them to apply new concepts and practical tips and solutions in their lives and work”, she said.

One of the speakers, Mrs. Seun Obajolu, Founder, Inspyered Hope lamented that Nigeria is not protective enough of its women and girls, hence the need for women to take responsibility for their self-development by speaking out and seeking needed help.

“Our lives begin the end the day we choose to keep silent about the things that matter”, she warned.

Also speaking at the event were other international speakers like: Wanda McKinley- Founder, We Are Survivors, Kimberly Jones- Pastor, Prevailing Love Ministry, Teshanne Philips- Founder, I Am Hope Foundation and Abby Osoba of Agile Advisor.

 One after the other, these speakers shared their personal experiences and urged Nigerian women not to allow the conspiracy of silence that is entrenched in the African culture keep them down but to take ownership of their lives and maximize their potentials.

The Conference had in attendance social service workers, NGO managers, educational trainers, religious leaders, political leaders and other influential professionals, sharing heart-touching and inspiring personal experiences, and pooling information and knowledge with a resolution to drive change by empowering more women and girls to break free from the shackles of silence and repression and being liberated to live productive and fulfilled lives.

Highpoint of the event was the D&Ksuomi Humanitarian Awards/Gala Night where women from varied fields were honoured for their selfless service to humanity.

Some of the award recipients include Mercy Makinde- Amazing Amazon Initiative, Princess Kelechi Ogehne- Gmyt Foundation, Kimberly Jones- Prevailing Love Ministry, Teshanne Philips– I Am Hope Foundation, Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe- Genesis Global, Dr. Elishammah Ideh- Partnership For A New Nigeria, Aramide Oikelome- Goshen Home & Orphanage, amongst others.

D&ksuomi Foundation is an non-profit organization established in the city of Tampere Finland with branches in DRC Congo, Nigeria and USA. Herwork is focused on giving to humanity, especially in Africa, where the need for care, love and peace cannot under-rated. The Foundation provides several social services to low income and homeless women beyond food, clothing, SME loans, etc

According to the Founder, Mrs. Deborah Funmi Mupapa, “Our core focus is to empower women through Micro enterprise, Education. Jobs and Skill Acquisition, Enforcement of their fundamental rights, Financial and Emotional Aid, and more distinctly assisting women and girls in war torn regions”.

“Since inception in 2012, the organization has raised substantial amount and has attracted more than 5000 participants from all across the globe who have enjoyed their support. We have been able, through the funds raised further our work in DRC, Nigeria and U.S. A”, she added.




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