Reasons Why Many Women Don’t Go Into Politics

The 2015 Presidential aspirant for KOWA Party, Professor Oluremi Sonaiya has stressed that one of the reasons why many Nigerian women are not vying for political positions is due to lack of funds. This she disclosed recently in an interview on ‘Political Arena’ on Women Radio WFM 91.7, while stating the challenges a lot of Nigerian women go through in their bid to rebuild the Nation..

She argued that Nigeria has been suffering from decades of bad governance and it needs a revamp but cannot be done with the same set of people in government, going by the fact that 95% of the people in government are men. She further highlighted that there are credible Women in Politics but they lack proper fund to campaign and go all around like the men do. Sonaiya however pleaded with the general public to support these credible women financially, morally and physically

“Overall, we need to create a just and orderly society and perhaps, more importantly, we must create a culture of honest and dignified trust for our coming generations”, she said.

“In conclusion, definitely, a lot of people would expect me to promise to attend to the usual sectors like economy, infrastructure, health, corruption, etc. The fact is that those sectors will most likely fall in place by themselves based on the five areas we have identified to focus on’, she added.

“Government’s primary job is to create the right environment which would allow entrepreneurs and investors to thrive in their various areas of endeavour; not to compete with the private sector, micromanaging everything from secondary schools to roads to building railways and generating electricity. Majority of Nigerians now believe that President Buhari should not be re-elected. We have performed that feat before in 2015 when Nigerians decided to vote out a sitting president.”

“So, the mission this time is not merely to repeat the same thing. We have to show that we can hold ourselves as citizens to the same standards that we hold our leaders.”

“Good leadership is invaluable but it will be ultimately unsuccessful if the followers themselves are unwilling to pay the price of change they wish to see in their leaders.”

Prof Sonaiya was KOWA’s flag bearer in the 2015 presidential election where she lost to President Buhari, winning 13,076 votes, 0.05% of the total votes cast.

To win KOWA’s ticket again, she will have to emerge victorious in the party’s primary election against other aspirants including founding member, Dr Sina Fagbenro Byron, veteran Nollywood actor and scholar, Ayo Lijadu, and at least two others.

According to KOWA’s National Secretary, Mark Adebayo, the party is eager to choose its presidential flag bearer on August 18, 2018, the date the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has scheduled for primary elections to commence.

Adebayo earlier disclosed in February that presidential and governorship aspirants running on the platform of the party in the 2019 elections will be subjected to a written examination before they can contest.


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